GxE Browser

Hide track controls

Adding & Removing Tracks

Select "Add Tracks" to add sequencing data to the browser. "Remove tracks" will clear all tracks currently displayed.

Adjusting Track Height and Data Range

Adjust the tracks using the control panel on the left. The data range adjusts the minimum and maximum value (in reads per million, RPM) displayed in the tracks (the default varies per track and is chosen by the IGV browser). Pressing "Set" will snap all current tracks to the range specified. The track height sets the physical height of the track on the page (default is 100px). Pressing "Set" will set all current track heights to the value specified.

Changing Regions and Searching

To change regions, either 1) click and drag left or right anywhere in the browser, 2) enter coordinates in the upper left search bar (chr:start-end), or 3) enter a gene symbol in the search bar.